I'm in the middle of exploring Topcoat as a generic framework for a mobile app. In general, I really like Topcoat. It does a nice job of providing common user interface elements. Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn't provide any overall structure for an app. If you are lousy at design and CSS like me, Topcoat is a little tough to use.

To find a good starting point, I stumbled around looking for pre-existing examples. There aren't very many as Topcoat is pretty new. Fortunately, I found an example ( topcoat-phonegap ) on Github by one of Topcoats key contributors, Kristofer Joseph.

It's a great example of a mobile app with a "slideout" menu.

![Topcoat Phonegap 1](
![Topcoat Phonegap 2](

There's just a slight problem with it. When the page first loads, you can scroll to your heart's content within the list item. If you open the menu, things start to go wrong. The menu opens just fine. If you scroll in the "Sub Menu" side, the MAIN menu section scrolls. It's impossible to get the submenu section to scroll.

Here's a video showing the problem.

Mobile Safari Transform/Transition Bug Demo? from Calendee on Vimeo.