I'm working on the next breakout app ;-) . Unfortunately, I have terrible design skills (think stick figures with hair). CSS beats me up on a regular basis.

So, I am looking for a great designer for the app. Here are my criteria:

  • Must be expert in HTML5/CSS3 and responsive design
  • CSS3 animations and transitions only - no jQuery or JavaScript
  • JavaScript/jQuery can be used solely for interaction with the interface during the design process and will be removed for the actual product.
  • Development based on jQuery Mobile will not be an option
  • Capable of designs that will fit in with iOS 7.
  • Able to assist in UX/UI decisions
  • Preferably a graphic designer that can create all logos/artwork for the application and is familiar with resolution requirements for iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets in landscape and portrait mode.
  • Capable of designing custom UI elements to coincide with the app platform - Slides, radio buttons, popovers, slide-out menus, etc. on iOS / Android.
  • You can use a CSS framework / toolkit like Topcoat or Ratchet but must be able to modify them extensively to meet iOS 7 design criteria and produce a pleasing, intuitive, family friendly design.
  • You don't need to develop all of the interaction / functionality of the app. If you can design and produce all of the HTML5/CSS, then I can deal with all the tapping, data storage, backend, PhoneGap integration, etc.
  • I'd prefer someone in the DFW area but will consider other candidates. To consider you for the position, I'll need to see a portfolio that includes mobile apps and responsive websites. I'd like to see your artwork, designs, and raw HTML/CSS.

This will be a work for hire / 1099 arrangement. I'll need you to sign an NDA and a work for hire artistic release.

Please send your contact email and links to your portfolio to :