Yesterday, I attended a conference at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas. The conference was not related to technology at all. As I am habitually early, I was sitting in my seat reading some AngularJS documentation on my iPad.

A man sat next to me, and we gave each other polite nods. Immediately, two ladies sat next to him. My introverted self was saved from further discussion because he began speaking to the newcomers.

After a few minutes, he pulled out some tablet (7"ish). The ladies next to him said something I couldn't understand. He replied, "No, its a ???. I'm not an Apple Fanboi like the guy next to me." I ignored him. He then said to me, "No offense buddy." I was sure then that I didn't care to have anything to do with him and responded, "None taken". Then, I went back to reading.

Where does this garbage come from? Why would anyone use the "Apple Fanboi" terminology in a polite public setting without knowing anything about the user of a device or product?

  • Are Dell users "Dell Fanbois"?
  • Nike Fanbois?
  • Red sweater Fanbois?
  • Chevy Fanbois?
  • Glasses Fanbois?

Since when does using a product or service make you a "fanboi" or "fanboy"? I have no idea about the man's career or pastimes. However, I can't help but wonder where he even picked up the term if he's not deeply involved in technology. Where in all his reading did he learn it was acceptable to toss around such an asinine term to anyone he sees using an Apple product? I guess the rudeness of the anonymous internet trolls has come down to our public places as well.