Developing HTML5/CSS3 and PhoneGap based iOS apps just got much easier thanks to Thibaut Courouble from CSSFlow. This means my upcoming Kids In Touch app is going to look great.

I'm proud to announce that Calendee has funded the development of CSSFlow’s new Clarity CSS UI Kit for use in our upcoming iPhone app Kids In Touch.

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Here’s what happened: For months I've been working on developing my new iOS 7 app - Kids In Touch. Armed with zero design ability, and severely limited CSS skills, I got bogged down choosing colors, or trying to keep HTML elements where they were supposed to be in different orientations. I churned through many HTML5/CSS frameworks and interface kits but never found the right fit. Quite simply, I was spinning my wheels instead of developing Kids In Touch.

Totally frustrated, I finally stumbled across CSSFlow's Mobile App UI Kit. It had virtually every iOS style interface element needed for creating almost any app. After paying the incredibly low $19 purchase price, I quickly mocked up a large portion of Kids In Touch. It looked so much better than anything I'd put together before, and it was painless.

There was just one (not so) tiny problem with the CSSFlow Mobile App UI Kit. It looked like iOS 6. With Apple’s release of the redesigned iOS 7 quickly approaching, I needed an app design that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.

I reached out to Thibaut Courouble hoping he had an iOS 7 inspired version on the horizon. Thibaut was devoting his time to his incredible DevDocs project and didn't have a new version in the works. Fortunately, Thibaut found some extra time, and I was able to hire him.

About three weeks later, Thibaut gave me the first draft release of the new "Clarity CSS UI Kit". It looked great! Since then, Thibaut has added new features, fixed some bugs, and made Clarity into the best looking, most feature complete, iOS 7 mobile app interface I've ever seen.

Clarity's features include:

  • Clean, Organized HTML5/CSS3 Fully Customizable with SASS
  • Navigation Bar and Icons
  • Toolbar
  • Tab Bar
  • Search Bar
  • Scope Bar
  • All Imaginable Views
  • Beautiful Forms
  • Radio Buttons and Checklists
  • Page Controllers
  • Segmented Controller
  • Huge Selection of Icons (thanks to Elegant Themes)
  • Action Sheets
  • Alerts
  • Quite simply, CSSFlow's Clarity is the best HTML5/CSS based mobile app interface kit available.

When Kids In Touch launches, it will have a beautiful interface that seamlessly integrates into iOS 7. Plus, all of Calendee's future apps will be able to reuse the Clarity interface so that I don't have to start from scratch each time.

If you’re an iOS 7 developer, I can’t recommend CSSFlow's CSS UI Kit enough.

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