So, I used Google Hangouts for the first time today. I was using it to get some training from another developer via AirPair.

Ugh. I hate Google Hangouts now. Why? Software.

Installing Google Hangouts via a "package" - you know it's gonna suck and hose your system. Sure enough, I now have a Taskbar icon. Sure enough, it automatically logs me in to Google Hangouts when I start my computer. Sure enough the installer adds Chrome to my "Login Items" on bootup. Who knows what other garbage it screwed up on my system. Who knows what other privacy violations I'll discover down the road.

Once I am done with my AirPair sessions, I'm re-installing the entire Mac OS from scratch to make sure Google is Gone from my system. Never again Google, never again.

Suggestion to Developers : Only install what MUST be installed to use the service. Don't muck up someone's machine. Don't assume we want to see your application every time we turn around. Tread lightly - it's not your machine!!!