UPDATE : My "solution" sucks. Now, I'm getting Unable to find remote helper for 'https' errors. I don't have time to investigate right now; so, don't use this.

So yesterday, a nasty security vulnerability with Git was patched. Unfortunately for Mac users, getting the newest version of Git can sometimes be a pain. Depending on your setup, you might get stuck dealing with dependency issues.

If you're using the default Git that ships with Xcode, it's still stuck somewhere in the 90's.

Fortunately, there's a fix for this:

As Tommy Williams suggested, you can download the GitHub for Mac client that has the newest Git client baked in. Then you can change your $PATH to point to the Git client inside Github for Mac. It's kind of lame that this is necessary, but it works!

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Now, if you're using Tower 2, it uses the default Git path. Tower 2 also ships with a version of Git baked in that you can select in the preferences. Unfortunately, that version is not patched yet. So, this gets a little more lame.... Download Github for Mac. Change your $PATH and tada.... Tower 2 is now patched as well.

In my case, I cheated a little. I removed the version of Git in /usr/bin/git and linked it to the version in GitHub for Mac.

CAUTION Use at your own risk :
sudo mv /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/git_orig; ln -s /Applications/GitHub.app/Contents/Resources/git/bin/git /usr/bin/git