Occasionally on Twitter, someone will call out another author/dev/etc for plagiarism.  Sadly, there are many sites that blatantly copy content from independent blogs to drive traffic to their ad supported sites. Even worse, I've had a few of my own blog posts just marginally edited and copied to other independent developers blogs as if it was their original content.  This is clearly wrong.  Unfortunately, shaming the abusers is about the only recourse anyone has.

If you've ever found yourself in this situation, how can you actually prove your content is the original?  Afterall, the abuser can simply just edit their posting date.  

Since this originally happened to me, I try to remember to submit every blog post to the WayBackMachine Internt Archive.  It's a pretty fool proof way of making a copy of your post that doesn't steal any SEO credit and helps to prove that you are the author of the original content.  To use it, simply search the WayBackMachine for your article.  Since it's not be archived before, you simply add it to the archive.

There is anoter side benefit.  The archive also acts as a backup of your blog.  Sadly, I've lost 2 important posts because of mistaken editing in the past.  Unfortunately, my backups did not cover those posts.  If I had them archived on the WayBackMachine, this would not have been a problem.