I've been mentoring a veteran who's learning to code.  He's looking for more sources for training on the side.  I've taken many courses over the years.  Some of them have been great, and some have literally been a complete waste of money.

I've compiled a list of courses I'd recommend for anyone getting started in web development, advancing their skills, or picking up React/React Native


A Veritable Smorgasbord Of Developer/Designer Training Resources

General JavaScript

  • https://watchandcode.com
    • The free version is dated and incomplete however it is a prerequisite for the Premium course
    • Gordon is very good at explaining JavaScript and making sure you really understand it before moving on.
    • This one is a bit pricey, but it's worth it. Gordon really is hands on and jumps in to help when people have trouble. Most courses have a "community" that is little more than people that are stuck and asking questions with only the occasional answers.
  • https://ultimatecourses.com/learn/javascript-basics
    • Todd Motto's courses are very comprehensive
    • Free and Paid (for Advanced)
  • https://tylermcginnis.com/courses/modern-javascript/
    • $16/month with access to all his courses
    • Tyler is an excellent instructor


React Native:

Github Training

Github has a Learning Lab with tons of resources.

Screenshot of a tweet about the Github Learning Lab. Follow link for complete description.