I've been a Zoho customer for many years. I frequently Tweet about your services to try to spread the word about them.

Unfortunately, that may stop soon because I've reached the limits you are enforcing on new account setup.

When I try to register new domains with you (for email hosting), you require a contact number. The contact number cannot be any number I've previously used. I've literally run out of available phone numbers. I've used them for several business domains, my wife and children's personal domains, and other family member's domains.

When I addressed this issue on Twitter, it was suggested I should create the new domains under an existing account.

I do not find this an acceptable arrangement. Here are some examples where this simply will not work.

Example 1

I sometimes "flip" businesses. I'll create some small business and get a bit of traction with it. Then, I will sell the business/idea outright to someone else.

When I do this, I have 100% isolation of this business. It has its own domain for website & email. It has completely indepedent logins for the domain registrar, internet hosting, cloud services, Twitter accounts, etc. It will even have its own 1Password account so everything for this business is in one place.

When I sell, I literally just hand the buyer the 1Password file, and I'm finished. They then have 100% control of everything required to control and takeover the business.

With your suggestion that I just add the domain to an existing account, I cannot do this. Now, the temporary business is tied to my account. In order to sell it, I have to jump through hoops to transfer the domain and any related services to the buyer.  This is too much hassle.

Example 2

Imagine an IT professional is tasked with setting up a startup company's email service. They sign up with Zoho using their personal number (they have no business phone that can receive texts).

Later, they realize what a great email service Zoho provides.  Now, they want to use it for their personal email.

They can't do this because now their personal phone number is tied to the Zoho account.

Obviously, they can't do as you've suggested and create their personal domain under the business account.

Example 3

A developer/designer/social media expert creates & manages sites for clients from scratch (email, domain, website, Social Media, etc).  Imagine someone that targets local small businesses that aren't very tech savvy.  

This person needs to be able to setup all of this on independent accounts.  Again, it's important to be able to just handover control of everything back to the client if their relationship ends.


As you can see, this limitation you're enforcing simply does not work for many scenarios (I can think of several more).

I understand you don't want fake accounts. So, I'm not suggested that you don't use a text to verify someone actually exists. However, please stop the requirement that once one phone number has been used, it can no longer be used to verify any other new account.

P.S. I've noticed another issue over the weekend while trying to setup a domain. I originally tried to use my Google Voice number to verify the domain. Your signup form indicated this was not an "acceptable" number. Finally, I setup an account for my wife's business with OpenPhone. Your signup form did accept this number.  However, your verification texts are not going through to it.

I strongly believe your company and downstream provider are not accepting "virtual phone numbers" for verification. Please stop this practice! I've had that GV number since before it was even owned by Google. I'm paying real money for the OpenPhone account.

Please stop making it so hard to use your services. I am a paying customer that simply can't give you money anymore!