BigDOCC Meeting March 4, 2014 Notes

It was a slow start this morning but plenty of people showed up in the end. There were 23 attendees. As usual, the conversation was as diverse as the people. As usual, BitCoin was on the agenda - will it ever get old?

NOTE : Reach out to me on Twitter with any updates @calendee.


Forgive me if I get some names wrong or miss them completely. Sometimes it's difficult to hear everyone speaking.

  • Brent : From Jakray - Web and app development
  • Marta - Sorry I accused you of being a newcomer! She's an old hat at this BigDOCC stuff.
  • @noddfw - Sorry I didn't catch your name. If you're looking for co-working space, this might be the place. Do y'all have a "real" website?
  • Aimee Bentson : Fashion startup Victory Mountain Threads
  • Bradly McCunis(?) : Works at Cadera
  • Matthew (?) : iOS App Developer. "Whatta Do? or Whatta Know?"
  • Latish Sehgal: Works at Improving Enterprises (again kudos to them for supporting the tech community).
    • Interested in SQL? Latish is working on SqlSmash
  • Mylin Lam(?) : Working with mobile apps for fitness companies / gyms. Anyone get a link or name?
  • Nathan (?) : Works at RealPage - Property management solutions


  • Dallas New Tech : The preeminent tech event (of the week at least) is tonight. This weeks presentations:

  • My Dealer Service

  • PerfectKISS

  • inProximity

  • Ink My Cause

  • True Mileage

  • Match My Golf

  • Voting : Texas Democtratic and Republican Primaries and a few Texas constitutional amendments. Go Vote!

  • 1 Million Cups : March 5, 2014. Two presenters:

    • EarthWater - Distributing natural water products. It's kind of sad that we need to specifically say "natural" when discussing water.
    • Veterans Moving America - Moving company that hires only veterans. As a veteran myself, I applaud their goal.
  • Dallas Startup Week : Shhh.. Nothing going on here. Sound exciting. Huh? What was that. I didn't say anything. #DARTforTheWin

  • ViaWest Conference : There's a cloud themed conference going on some time this week that includes ViaWest. Anyone have links. I couldn't dig up anything.


  • @noddfw : Looking for an events coordinator.


BigDOCC is in downtown Dallas tomorrow. Good luck finding parking.