I'm sorry I didn't get notes out last week. My son was sick; so, I stayed home to take care of him.


I'll start today mentioning a newcomer to #BigDOCC - Lt. Dan Shevenell from ThereNow.co. David recently left the U.S. Navy. I'd like to thank him for his service to our country. Welcome to BigDOCC. When Dan introduced himself, I couldn't believe my ears. Dan was a Navy "nuke" on an attack submarine based out of Hawaii. 20 years ago, I left Hawaii as another Navy nuclear Reactor Operator. What are the odds that two ex-nukes would be in the same room together talking entrepreneurship in Dallas? Crazy.

The meeting was packed today. Wow. We need a bigger venue! There were quite a few newcomers. I got down as many names and details as I could. If I missed someone or got the details wrong, please let me know on Twitter.



  • Dallas New Tech : 4/1/2014 : free for the month of April. Come out and support me as I officially debut Kids In Touch
  • Trail Blazers Capital is hosting a Restaurant and Retail tech event somewhere. Of course, I can't find anything on it. Hey Trailblazer, you might want to hire Robert Mapes (see above) to do some SEO work for you. Searching on your name is useless and there are no links on your website.
  • Big Data BigD : 3/28 & 3/29
  • Other events on LaunchDFW Event Calendar
  • More events on Startup Digest


How did we miss talking about BitCoin today? This was a first. In fact, most of the conversation was about digital media. More on that in a bit.

Is the Movie Industry Doomed

This whole topic started with the new (and now defunct?) Popcorn Time a BitTorrent for the masses. Free videos all day every day! Links:

We discussed how "movies are too expensive". Does watching videos not purchased legally equate to "stealing"? Are content producers just too greedy? If a movie was released in the theaters and DVD/stream on the same day, would you pay $20 for the video at home or watch it in the theater? Even my own god-fearing chiropracter is excited that he can watch any movie for free anytime with his jailbroken iPhone and an app he downloaded.

Is Kevin Spacey right about video piracy?

Is there a new way to make movies that properly pays the content providers while letting consumers have access in a more affordable way:

Is Netflix using Big Data to determine what shows will be successful?

Is Amazon Prime's new Pilot Season the new way to determine what shows will be produced?

FYI : My computer crashed during this. I lost some of what I'd already written but am too lazy to do it again. Sorry!