Today's #BigDOCC North was at the Coffee House Cafe as usual. Once again, the Realtors STOLE our good room. How can we drive them out? Just kidding! No one call the FBI or anything.

Shameless Plug :

If you have young kids that want to text, please checkout Kids In Touch.


  • Braken (?) : A long time friend of Michael's. He's doing freelance design work right now.
  • Paul : Pauls working with his third startup. Currently at Brainspace. Brainspace does collaboration and sharing
  • Mark : An adviser to startup. Currently working on his own location based tracking concept.
  • David Fares : Biz Traffic , an Online Marketing agency specializing in SEO, Reputation Management, and social interactions.
  • Marty Webber : Just moved to Dallas from Charleston. Welcome! Has begun two startups. The first was a flop (been there!). The second was a successful exit with a buyout from an investment company. Congratulations.
  • John : The founder of RealFolio and a fellow presenter at the April 1st BigDNT.
  • Carl Kalbfleisch : Recently downsized from the IT industry with specialization in Network Management and Product Management.
  • Kerri Lytle : Working at a startup in UX Design and Testing
  • Bryan Grohman : Software developer at Nice Systems. They are SO much better than Mean Systems!

Upcoming Events


  • ToggleShift is hiring a business developer with experience in retail operations.
  • broadleaf commerce is looking for Java developers.
  • Game Time Giving needs someone with "Athletic Director" experience.
  • RealFolio is interviewing Rails based development teams.
  • Alvar Centers is still looking for a Business Development type career. Let's hook this guy up!


Oh wow! We went an entire session without talking about our usual favorites - BitCoin and Aereo. Amazing? There's more to talk about than those? Who knew?


If you haven't heard about Heartbleed, you need to get out from under that rock and start changing your passwords. This is some really bad stuff folks. If you haven't taken action on this yet, you really need to get busy.

News :

CloudFlare Challenge :

Cloudflare challenged security experts to steal keys from a server using only Heartbleed. That didn't take long!

How ironic is this when I went to their challenge site:

This Affects You:

Virtually all home routers are affected : Be sure to disable web admin access to your router.

Was the Windows XP End of Life and HeartBleed release dates a conspiracy?

If your company users an Amazon Web Servics product, you probably don't need to do anything besides change passwords. If you HOST a website from an AWS server, you almost certainly do need to update your SSL and openSSL.

Google Glass

Hey Glasshole wanna-bes! Glass is available to the general public now. Yeah! You can now spend your $1500 tax refund on your own Glass. Do you also have to fly to CA for training before you get it???

Is Google a PR genius for it's rollout of Glass. "Hey only 'Explorers' can join! Be special". "Now, explorer wanna-bes can join. Be special too - just not so much". "Now you can get mugged just like the cool kids!"

Or is Google really pulling a fast one on you. You're going to blow $1500 for the right to get mugged while wearing old tech then they are going to release even better tech right afterwards. At least you can live capture your mugging!

Glass Competition?

  • GlassUp
  • eyePal??? Some DFW based company. Can someone find them an SEO expert??


Twitter just bought one of the last standing fire hose aggregators. Boulder, CO based Gnip is snatched up.

Our Google Overlords

A few months ago, Google bought Boston Dynamics. Now, to make sure we can't evade their robots that will attack anyone not wearing Glass, they've bought a drone company. Or maybe those robots will just be used to defend Glass wearers from muggers? Titan Aerospace purports to have drones that can stay aloft for a few years at a time. Next, Google is going to make sure that "Glassholes" are in the "protected" class for hate crimes.

Tesla and Texas

Our own Rick Perry (you know, the Governor and all),thinks Tesla should give him a call about dealerships or showrooms in Texas. There's nothing like the possibility of a giga battery plant to get Texas talking about dealership reform. This coming from the state that still only allows a dealership to be open EITHER Saturday or Sunday - not both.

Mobile Payment Advances

Anyone want FaceBook managing their "wall", messages, photos, ... AND their money? FaceBook wants in on mobile payments.

Is Isis every really going to take off?

Square Wallet anyone?