If your Hapi.js server is using the Good Plugin for operations logs, you might want to know how to throttle the output. By default, Good spits out logs every 15 seconds. I really didn't need ops info that frequently.

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After a bit of digging, I finally figured out how to achieve this. Just include this in your index.js after you've configured the server.

var loggingOptions = {
    "subscribers"   : {
        "console"   : [ "ops", "request", "log", "error" ]
    "opsInterval" : 45000 // reduces ops logging to every 45 seconds

server.pack.require("good", loggingOptions, function( err ) {

    if( err ) throw err;


Now, you'll get a nice output of logging every 45 seconds.

40528/154637.60, ops, memory: 44M uptime (seconds): 181.12350792437792
140528/154722.68, ops, memory: 44M uptime (seconds): 226.13181624002755
40528/154807.71, ops, memory: 44M uptime (seconds): 271.13441762700677
140528/154852.116, ops, memory: 44M uptime (seconds): 316.1794057562947
40528/154937.156, ops, memory: 45M uptime (seconds): 361.2195966159925
140528/155022.192, ops, memory: 45M uptime (seconds): 406.2552084196359