Today, I happened to be recording an app demo onto my Mac with the new screencasting feature in Yosemite. I was pressed for time and just glanced down at my phone to see the time. 9:41... ugh. Whoa! It was much later than I thought. Then, I realized that couldn't possibly be right. Sure enough, it was just 9:05 on my Mac.

At first, I thought my phone's clock must not be set to auto update. I checked and saw everything was correct. So, why was my clock showing 9:41? Then, I remembered reading about how all Apple demos show 9:41 AM in all their product lines.

Somehow, when enabling screencasting in QuickTime, the phone is forced to show 9:41 AM. The carrier branding is also removed. That's one neat trick and another amazing example of Apple's attention to detail.