I'm a really big fan of using Loom for capturing videos on my laptop and iOS devices. It's a great way to quickly generate a demo video, tutorial, or help a customer/co-worker with an issue.

In the past, I was not a big fan of the fact they used Google Analytics in their embedded player.

Twitter post where I ask Loom to consider removing Google Analytics from their embedded video player.

Fortunately, it seems Loom has moved to using Segment for their analytics. Still, that's more tracking of my site visitors than I'd like.

I go to great lengths to protect my own privacy and want to do the same for my users. I use Simple Analytics to get an idea of how much traffic my site receives. Simple Analytics is GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliant - whcih means I dont have to show cookie banners on my site 💯!

Because of this, I've decided to move all of my video embeds to Cloudflare's Streaming service. In this video, I'll show the process to upload a video into Cloudflare's streaming service in your dashboard. Then, I'll show a comparison of my site's performance, Lighthouse reports, loading size, and privacy implications using both Cloudflare and Loom.