UPDATE: If you'd like a more robust solution, checkout cfw-easy-utils by @Cerulean. It has a simple helper to serve static assets from any cloud provider.

Have you ever wanted to share images directly from your own domain instead of a 3rd party service?

Here's a very quick and easy (and a bit naive) way to do it using Cloudflare Workers and Digital Ocean Spaces. Sorry I don't have time for a lot of detail here. Maybe later, I'll expand on this post a bit and include a video of the process.

Create a Digital Ocean Space

When you create it, I'd suggest disabling the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that Digital Ocean offers as it's just Cloudflare's CDN and your own Cloudflare account/worker will do this for you.

You'll end up with a URL like this: https://name-of-your-space-here.sfo3.digitaloceanspaces.com

Upload some images or files to you Space. Be sure to mark them as "Public" if appropriate.

Create a Cloudflare Worker

Again, this is a very simplistic worker, but ... it works.

addEventListener("fetch", (event) => {

async function handleRequest(request) {
  if (request.method === "GET") {
    const url = new URL(request.url);
    const pathName = url.pathname.replace("/shared", "").replace(/^\//, "");
    const search = url.search;
    const response = await fetch(

    if (response && response.ok) {
      return response;

    return new Response("Not Found", { status: 404 });
  } else {
    return new Response("Method Not Allowed", { status: 405 });

Assign a Route to Your Worker

In the Cloudflare dashboard, assign a specific route to your worker. For my domain, it's like this:


Now, you can share links to your images like this https://justinnoel.dev/shared/test.png

Just a sample image that contains the word test.

Or my site's favicon like this: