When Apple's macOS Monterey launches, it will have a "Live Text" feature. This will allow you to extract the text in any picture. It's a really neat feature but has very limited functionality.

In this video, I'll demonstrate even better functionality using Cleanshot X. Cleanshot allows you to capture any text on your screen that is not selectable for any reason. Capture text from videos, photos, websites, and any other application. If it's on your screen, you can snag it.

UPDATE: I've found so many more uses for the OCR feature in Cleanshot X since I made this video. Here you go:

  1. You know how some system windows won't let you select text? Cleanshot to the rescue!
  2. Don't you love when you copy something from somewhere and get that stupid formatting when you paste it? Can't remember the contorted key combination to paste without formating? Just "select" the text with Cleanshot instead. When you paste it in, 💥 nice clean text without all the formating.
  3. Your bank won't let you highlight and copy "secure text"? Screw em! Use Cleanshot!
  4. You try to select text on a link and it instantly triggers the click and navigates you to the next page? Use Cleanshot!